God will complete His work… Moderator Kwakye


God will complete His Work

The Moderator of the General Assembly, Rt. Rev. Dr. Abraham Nana Opare Kwakye has challenged all Christians to engage in God’s work with all humility. God has called all of us as stewards with various assignments in the form of careers and jobs and there is the need to do it and do it well.

The Moderator was preaching at the Schaefer Congregation, Dormaa Ahenkro to climax his pastoral visit to the West Brong Presbytery. The occasion was also the climax of activities commemorating Men’s Sunday. Recounting how the gospel reached the Dormaa Ahenkro area, he said some natives of Dormaa used to walk from Dormaa to Kumasi just to hear the gospel being preached. “If some people sacrificed in this way for the gospel to reach this town, what excuse do we have today not getting involved in the work of the Church?” He quizzed.

Preaching on the theme “Jesus Christ, the Alpha and the Omega, Men, Arise and Build on His Foundation till the end”, the Moderator said as the Alpha and the Omega, everything that God starts He surely brings to a successful end.

Reflecting on Nehemiah chapter three, the Moderator said the Chiefs of the Tekoa did not involve themselves in the work of God but at the end of the day, the work of God was completed.

“Sometimes, we boast and get annoyed at petty squabbles. Why would you recuse yourself from Church or group activities? What gift or resource do you have that was not given to you by God?”

He asked, “Whether you do your part or not, God will finish His work, you better get involved so you can join the celebrations”. He concluded.

As part of the service, Moderator, Nana Opare Kwakye visited the special service being separately organised for members with hearing and speech impairment who worship on the premises of the Congregation. Through a signer, he encouraged them and prayed for them to be steadfast in their faith.

In the course of the service, the General Assembly Office presented three motorbikes to the Presbytery to be used for mission work.

Present at the service were the leadership of the West Brong Presbytery, Rev. Daniel Bosea-Gyinantwi, Presbytery Chairpersons, Mr. Dickson Owusu Ansa, Presbytery Lay Rep to GAC, Rev. Martin Ansu Kumi, Presbytery Clerk, and Ministers from the Presbytery. The Moderator was in the company of his wife, Mama Benedicta Opare Kwakye, Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Sarbah, National Director for Mission and Evangelism, Rev. Ebenezer Ahenkan Owusu, PCG Public Relations Officer, and Rev. William Abeka, PA to Moderator.

Chiefs within the catchment area were well duly represented on this occasion.

Before the Service at the Schaefer Congregation, the Moderator made whistle stops at the Amazing Grace Congregation, Koraso and Adu Kofi Memorial Congregation, Jericho, District Head Stations in the Dormaa enclave.


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