When I was young, Christmas was a season that I looked forward to with eagerness. All of us children in the neighborhood would come together and build our Christmas tents with flowers and lights in them; we looked forward to our Christmas hats, Christmas dresses, and Christmas sun glasses. Christmas was fantastic in our neighborhood because the whole place was beautifully lit up and we were all happy.

It was when I grew up and studied my Bible more carefully that I understood what most of the
symbols of Christmas meant.
For example, I learnt that the lights represented Jesus as light of the world. So Jesus said, “I am the light of the world, he who believes in me shall not walk in darkness but shall have the light of life”. (John 8:11).
I also learnt that the tents that we used to build as children were examples of the feast of tents when Israel remembered the days when

they lived in tents. In addition, I learn that the reason why we give away gifts to others is to remind ourselves that God so loved the world that he gave us His only begotten Son; so God gave the world His best, and that is why we give our best to others at Christmas.

So I still love Christmas and love it better because now I know that God gave us His best at Christmas, and I have accepted this Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. He is the Lord of my life. I pray that you will also take this Jesus seriously so that you can love Christmas too.

I also wish that you will appreciate the importance of giving to those in need during Christmas, since God gave us his best at Christmas. Let us, during this Christmas season, make sure that we show kindness to other people, especially those who are in need. Let not this Christmas pass by when you have not intentionally shown kindness to someone.

Finally, I wish to encourage all of us to listen to the message of the angels who appeared on the eve of Christmas: this was a message of goodwill and peace to all nations (Luke 2:14). May we all be renewed in our inner hearts so that we will be filled with goodwill for one another, and so that our nations will be filled with real peace for one another. May God hasten the day when the real meaning of Christmas will be fulfilled in our lives, and may the coming year see more peace and goodwill among nations.

On behalf of my wife and family, I wish you all a merry Christmas and a blessed new year. I still love Christmas and I hope that you love it too. Amen.


Rt. Rev. Prof. J. O. Y.Mante, PhD
Moderator of The General Assembly
Presbyterian Church of Ghana

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