Department of Mission & Evangelism

Department of Mission and Evangelism (M & E)


  1. Keep under review the whole evangelistic task of the Church and the way it is being carried out.
  2. Study and advise on methods of evangelism for use by congregations, groups and individuals throughout the Church and encourage evangelistic programmes.
  3. Encourage and guide the Bible Study and Prayer Group.
  4. Promote the evangelistic endeavours of other groups in the Church.
  5. Perform other functions as may be directed by the General Assembly.

        Committees under Mission and Evangelism
        National level:

  1. Committee on Evangelism
  2. Committee on Global Mission
  3. Committee on Specialized Ministries
  4. Presbytery, District and Congregational levels:
  5. Committee on Specialized Ministries
  6. Committee on Evangelism

       Major Programs of the Department
       The Department of Mission and Evangelism organizes the following programs

  1. School of Evangelism
  2. ‘In His Presence’ (retreat for Agents of the Church)
  3. Retreat for Prayer Centre Leaders
  4. Chaplains’ Conference
  5. Blue Cross Society
  6. Northern Outreach Programme (NOP)
  7. Evangelism Consultation
  8. Television ministry (Chanel of Hope)
  9. BSPG Programs
  10. P-SICE for NUPS-G

       The Mission Blueprint
       The PCG Mission Blueprint is the detailed Plan of Action based on the strategic principles of Jesus Christ and His Apostles by the power of the Holy Spirit developed to build a holistic ministry that can stand the rest of time and to mobilize the whole Church to accomplish the     Great Commission. The Mission Blueprint is on four thematic areas/cycles as follows

  1. Evangelism and Outreach
  2. Discipleship-Making
  3. Church Planting
  4. Church Growth

These four areas are propelled on two engines as

  1. Spiritual Awakening and Renewal
  2. Strategic Management and Business Plan


         Part One- Evangelism & Outreach
         Three materials have been prepared to equip and mobilize members for Evangelism and Outreach programs. These are

  1. Steps to Salvation
  2. Share the Life
  3. Operation Philip. This can also be used for follow-ups.

        Part Two- Disciple-Making
        Two materials that will equip leaders and members are

  1. ‘Rooted in Christ’ (Discipleship Study Guide for Victorious Christian Living)
  2. The Presbyterian ‘CATECHISM’

        Part Three- Church Planting

Available materials

  1. Church Planting flyers
  2. Policy on Church Planting
  3. Operational guidelines
  4. Church Planting Bible Study material

       Part Four- Church Growth
       Materials on Church Growth are under preparations

  1. Church Growth flyers
  2. Church Growth Study material
  3. Operational guideline