1st – 5th January, 2019

Psalm 34:1 – 8 (Prayer of Thanksgiving & Commanding the Month and the Year)

  1. Read the passage above and sing songs of Praises and PH 20 to thank and worship the Lord.
  2. Thank God for bringing you into a new year and a new month.
  3. Adore Him with songs of adoration.
  4. Pray and welcome the year 2019 and the month of January.
  5. Pray and take authority over the year and the month.
  6. Pray that the Angel of the Lord will encamp or surround you, your family, property, ministry etc in 2019 against any attacks of the evil one. Verse 7.
  7. Pray that the Lord will save you from all the troubles of 2019 and that of the month of January. Verse 6
  8. Command the month of January into your favour. Declare into the month of January what you want to see by January 31, 2019.
  9. Pray for the new Moderator for direction, vision that will lead help the PCG forge ahead.
  10. Remember the immediate past Moderator.