7th – 12th January, 2019

Nehemiah 6:1 –9 (Any Evil Invitation be Destroyed)

  1. Read Nehemiah 6:1-9 and reflect on it deeply. Thank the Lord for the wisdom He gave to Nehemiah when his enemies wanted to have an evil meeting with him.
  2. Pray for such wisdom to function when wicked and bad people conspire to have you meet them. Pray for the Spirit of vigilance, to be very vigilant in these last days.
  3. Pray against distracters from all angles who will disturb you so that you lose focus on the God giving assignment. Pray that their plans in distracting you will fail woefully.
  4. Pray against any threatening activities, plans and agenda of the devil towards the God giving assignment and towards any vision you are pursuing.
  5. Pray that any calculated, carefully invented evil plans which seems very good towards your life, ministry, business, marriage, relationship, job catch fire.
  6. Pray that any words, messages, information that will demoralize you and make you lose focus on your vision and purposes catch fire.
  7. Pray fervently for Reverend Ministers who are down as a result of what they have heard and received in the Ministry to be strengthened. Pray across all other sectors facing similar challenges.
  8. Apply the Blood of Jesus Christ over your life, job, work, ministry, finance, any project you are embarking upon.
  9. Pray for the spirit, zeal to finish the race, to complete the project, to complete the vision successfully.
  10. With the singing of praise and adoration bless the name of the Living God for His faithfulness, protection, direction and continually blessing you.
  11. Pray for a successful Ministers Conference at KNUST, for journey mercies, for fruitful deliberations during the Conference. Pray for our Ministers, Catechists and other members of the Church who needs to be healed from any form of infirmity.