21st – 26th January, 2019

Read the Scriptural References and Use it to Pray (Praying His Words Back To Him)

  1. Psalm 34:1 – 3. Reflect on this passage. Pray and thank God for His mercies, protection and provisions. Sing praises to Him. Magnify the Lord and adore Him.
  2. Exodus 12:36. Father grant me favour. Let your favour upon my life bring approval of every request I make. Cloth me with your favour.
  3. Zechariah 9:8. According to your Word, Lord please guard around my house. Protect it from any invading enemies. Lord please camp around my business, family, finances, territory, my abode, and ministry. By the Lord’s army, I stop any invading enemy to my territory.
  4. Exodus 13:21 – 22. Father I pray that the pillar of cloud will guard me in this month, will show me the way this month, will direct me this month. I pray that the pillar of fire will provide light for me. It will protect me. It will shine on any darkness in my life.
  5. Ezekiel 37:9 – 10. I command and issue orders to the breath of the earth to come forth from the four cardinal points to bring life into anything the devil has killed right now in Jesus name.
  6. Esther 6:10 – 11. Lord please decorate me in this month. Decorate my business, marriage, relationship, work and ministry. Decorate every aspect of my life.
  7. Job 1:10. Lord by your divine grace, form a hedge around me, form a hedge around my household, around everything I possess. Lord as you bless Job, bless me, bless the work of my hands. As you increased the possessions of Job, Father, increase and multiply my possessions.
  8. Psalm 115:14 – 15. Pray that you will flourish in all aspects of your life. Pray that your ministry will grow from grace to grace. Pray for the blessings of the Lord to come upon you. Pray for PCG for increase in membership, will increase in the area of commitment, holiness, dedication. Pray for your Presbytery, District and local congregation.
  9. Joshua 14:10 – 11. Pray that the Lord will keep you alive this month and year. Pray that the Lord will keep your ministry alive, your marriage alive, your business alive, your relationship alive, your finances alive. Pray for divine strength, physical strength,
  10. Thank God for answered prayers. Sing praises to His name.