PRESSS STATEMENT Presbyterian Church of Ghana condemns assassination of investigative journalist

Press Statement

      Presbyterian Church of Ghana condemns assassination of investigative journalist 

The Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG) has learnt with shock the gruesome murder of the undercover investigative journalist Ahmaed Hussein- Suale, who was a member of the Tiger Eye PI.

The PCG condemns this shameful attack. We are therefore calling on the security agencies of the state to take urgent steps to bring to book the culprits and ensure safety and security for the media in the country.

The PCG is of the firm believe that, arresting those faceless murderers for them to face the full rigors of the law will serve as deterrent to other people engaging in such barbaric acts in our society

The PCG also urges the security agencies to spread their investigative tentacles and ensure that anybody who is suspected to have played a role leading to the murder of the journalist is brought to book.

The PCG believes that attack on a journalist challenges the very foundations of a free press and vibrant democracy and more so in a state like Ghana that has enjoyed 25 uninterrupted democracy.

The PCG is calling on the judiciary to facilitate early disposal of long-pending murder cases so as to serve the cause of justice and bring relief to those affected by the delay in disposal of such cases.

The PCG is also appealing to the affected family of the late journalist to remain calm while the security agencies carry out their investigations.

In times like these we wish to encourage the affected family to keep their faith and trust in God intact.May God helps Ghana in these challenging times.


Issued and signed by Rev George Larbi, Public Relations Officer on behalf of the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, the Rt Rev  Prof.  Joseph Obiri Yeboah Mante.


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