Development & Social Services

1. Mandate of D.S.S.

The Department of Development and Social Services takes its mandate from the constitution of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana Article 29 section C

2. History
Until the year 2000 when the General Assembly concept was accepted the office operated under the name Development Office and under the leadership of Miss Comfort Ntiamoah ( the late). She established the Vocational Training for Female Programme (V.TF.) which has its office at Osu and a training centre/Hotel in Kumasi at Kyirapatre. The General Assembly concept changed the name to Development and Social Services. Miss Comfort Ntiamoah became the Head of the V.T.F and a Director was found for the Department of D.S.S. The late Rev. K. Yeboah Duah  was in office from 2002-2008.

3.Operational Focus of D.S.S.
The Department operated under the first P.C.G. strategic plan until 2010 when an evaluation was done and a re-planning embarked on. The result is the Medium Plan entitled 2010- 2012 Medium Term Strategic Plan then the final one Medium Term Strategic Plan 2013 -2015.

Based on this plan the units of the Development had the following objectives which gave direction and focus to D.S.S.

a.      Health – Promote mission through the provision of Health Services.
b.      Agriculture – Promote mission through the provision of Agriculture Services.
c.       N.G.O.(Presbyterian Relief services and Development)– Strengthen the P.R.S. & D. and make it more functional
d.      Salem Financial Service-Provides investment services
e.      Salem Water Company-Produces water for commercial service

4. The Core business
nder the new focus and direction, the Department has sought to apply our activities and programmes as not an end in themselves but as a means to reaching the ultimate goal of the church – P.C.G. which is Evangelism.

5. Self –sustenance
In accordance to the vision and mission of the church, “To be a Christ centered, self-sustaining and growing church…”, the Department seeks to be self- sustaining and seeks to attain “self-sufficiency through effective resources mobilization”. By promoting socio-economic development through advocacy and effective delivery of social services.

Also in line with the core values of the church, the Department seeks to pursue “Hard work”Godly leadership and skills Development”.
In order to be obedient to the above guidelines, the D.S.S. changed its approach to Social Services delivery. We have ended the method of either taken money from donor or generating funds and just give to beneficiaries without gaining back anything that will help to sustain the project. We rather seek to at least run every project to make it sustainable to run without the continuous pumping in funds from elsewhere.

6. New Direction

For this reason all the various units embark on income generating ventures with the view of generating, Internally Generated Funds that will help them run without depending on donors.
This is the new direction that the Department is pursuing and must be seen as such.

8. Employable skills Development for the youth
The aspect of skills developing and capacity building was part of the N.G.O. functions. They trained people in various employable skills e.g.
Soap preparations, tie and dye and batik, water purification packaging.

 The Department operates under the following Committees

•      Committee on Health and Environment
•      Committee on Agriculture
•      NGO Management Committee
•      Committee on HIV and AIDS
•      Committee on Entrepreneurship and Development
•      Salem Financial Service Board
•      Salem Water Company Board

The Department is headed by Rev Daniel Edmund Kofi Asante. The Health Coordinating Unit is headed by Mr. Sam Appiah. Whilst the Agriculture Unit is headed by Mr. Dan Kolbilla. Mr. Emmanuel Ankamah is the Coordinator of the Presby Relief Services and Development.