The Presbyterian Hour and Passion Week

Beloved in Christ
1. In order to endeavor to keep the unity of the Church during this period of crisis in our nation and in the world, there will be a National Virtual Communion Service officiated by the Moderator on national television on Good Friday, 10th April, 2020. That means that each of the two Good Friday programs on GTV and TV3 will have Communion Service as an integral part of it.
2. The English services will be interspersed with some vernacular (language) so that many more of our members will be able to participate.
3. All Presbyteries (through the Agents in Charge) shall make sure that communicant members in their jurisdictions will be prepared to participate in this National, Virtual Communion. Each member will come to the TV Service with their own bread and wine. They will then follow the officiant’s instructions during the administration of the sacrament.
4. Chairpersons in the NAAP and Europe Presbytery are given dispensation to be officiants on Good Friday on behalf of the Moderator.
5. Chairpersons and District Ministers will follow up in places where the TV Stations did not reach, after the national TV programs (i.e. after 10:30am on Good Friday) and at other days and times as decided upon by the various Sessions.
6. Should the partial lockdown in the country continue into the next few months, Chairpersons and District Ministers will find innovative ways to reach our members with the Holy Communion during our usual days of Communion on Sundays or on days and times agreed upon by the various Sessions. In places where no movement from house is allowed, Virtual Communion (officiated only by ordained ministers) shall be encouraged).
7. I will count on all Chairpersons, Council members and all Agents to do their part in publicizing this National Virtual Communion on Good Friday as much as possible. Let’s get everyone involved.
May the Lord hold us together as One Church during these challenging times.
Stay blessed.
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