PCG Moderator chairs Christian Council of Ghana “Eminent Persons Group”


 PCG Moderator chairs Christian Council of Ghana “Eminent Persons Group”

The Christian Council of Ghana on Thursday, 16th July, 2020 out-doored a 21 member “Eminent Persons Group” At Alisa Hotel in Accra to ensure credible, peaceful, free and just election 2020.

The twenty-one 21 member group is chaired by the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Rt. Rev Prof. Joseph Obiri Yeboah Mante.

Addressing the media at a press conference after the outdooring, Rt. Rev. Professor Joseph Obiri Yeboah Mante, appreciated star Ghana, the media and everyone for their support.

He went on to say that religious groups and their leaders have a call from God to be the voice of the people who need justice and peace, and that it is the responsibility of them as religious to support and facilitate processes that make for peaceful coexistence in the context of a just society.

Rt. Rev Prof. Mante said Bible offers no description for definitive political system. However, it indicates that every system we dream of must provide avenue for justice, love and righteousness that eventually lead to shalom (Peace).

He also made known that, they will engage the political leaders, the media, the security agencies, the electoral commission and ordinary citizens, in a humble but serious manner, all with the intention of making sure that we have free, fair and just elections, void of any intimidation or violence.

Right Rev. Prof. Joseph Obiri Yeboah Mante again listed and explained briefly four demonic forces in Ghana’s politics.

 “I have observed some four demonic forces in Ghana’s politics that must be jettisoned. We may in future make time to break them down and expatiate on them more carefully, but for the sake of time, I will like to touch on them briefly” he said.

  1. The Demon of wishing the downfall of a rolling government just to gain political points. We should note that anytime this demonic trait is triggered we all lose as a country; we never progress in our development as a country in that kind of environment. This spirit must be exercised.

    2. The Demon of ethnic or tribal polarization. There are people in this country who sometimes give the impression that some tribes are more Ghanaian than others. The worst thing is that they use it politically during elections period. This is a demon that must be exercised.

    3. The Demon of Uncultured and Hate Speech and Lies. Just because of elections people insult other people’s character and personalities; some very young men (small boys and girls) insults others who are far older than them to even bee their parents…. This is a demon that must be exercised.

    4. The Demon of Violence and Abuse of Power. There are people who talk violence and act violent. They exhibit these characteristics during electioneering campaigns. Sometimes their leaders acquiesce and support them by not saying anything. When those who speak and act violently are supported by those in power then there is no country but an anarchy. This is definitely evil. “

In conclusion, Rt.  Rev.  Prof. Mante said he had hope in God that Ghanaians would be wise during this year’s election and show the world that we have developed beyond childish politics and that we are developing towards political maturity. And also assured the press and everyone that they have taken a vow as Eminent group of religious leaders to serve God and make sure that Ghana moves forward under God Almighty in true peace and justice towards economic, political and technological development.

He then finally urges the press and everyone to help keep Ghana peaceful and not destroy it by cheap and childish politicking.


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