Moderator Dedicates new chapel


Moderator dedicates new chapel

Ebenezer Congregation of Chereponi dedicates new chapel

A new church building for the Ebenezer Congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana at Chereponi in the Northern Presbytery has been dedicated to the glory of God.

The building was funded by Professor and Mrs Ebenezer Jackson of Jackson College of Education in Kumasi.

Inaugurating the building at a ceremony which was attended by a number of personalities, Ministers of the Gospel and worshippers from the Yendi District of the Church, the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Rt Rev Prof. Joseph Obiri Yeboah Mante stressed the need for church members to be properly accommodated in a serene atmosphere.

He said the Church would continue to encourage the Local Congregations to put up similar structures to enable church members to have concentrated minds to serve God well.

The Moderator commended the Jackson’s family for their commitment and dedication to the Church over the years for putting up church buildings for worship.

The Moderator called on the congregation to help the Catechist in charge to maintain the structure.

He said, failure to have regular maintenance would derail all the toil and sweat of the donors.

Preaching the Sermon, the Chairperson for the Northern Presbytery of the Church, Rev Dr Peter Atta Ziame urged Christians to have faith in God so that they could please him.

He encouraged Christians to seek the light of the world who is Jesus Christ and stop moving from one prayer camp to another and seek the face of God at all times because he answered prayers of people who had strong faith in him.

He said the church has been given the power to transform society for the best which could only be accomplished if Christians followed the footsteps of Christ, the light of the world.

Mrs Theodosia Wilhelmina Jackson in a speech said the building was a donation from the family to support God’s work in the area. The family also donated motor-cycle to the catechist in charge, some musical instruments, chairs and used clothes to support the church in general.

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