PRESEC presents the Sharks 7 Trophy to Moderator Opare Kwakye


The Presbyterian Boys’ Senior High School, affectionately known as PRESEC, Legon has again demonstrated their academic prowess by winning the national Sharks 7 competition. This marks their third national championship victory in this prestigious competition.

In a brief ceremony, the victorious team and the staff presented their hard-earned trophy to the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Rt. Rev. Dr. Abraham Nana Opare Kwakye.

The headmaster of PRESEC, beaming with pride, highlighted this remarkable achievement, emphasizing the school’s continued excellence and dedication to academic and extracurricular activities.

He mentioned that contestants were awarded academic scholarships for their university education while one of their coaches also won the overall best coach.

This is a momentous occasion for the Presbyterian Boys’ Senior High School, Legon. Winning the Sharks 7 competition for the third time is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and resilience of students and staff. The head indicated the honour of presenting the trophy to the Moderator, as a symbol of their commitment to upholding the values and excellence that the institution stands for.

In a gesture of appreciation for the honour and support, the Moderator donated GHc10,000.00 to the team on behalf of the Church. This generous contribution is intended to support and encourage the continued success and development of the students.

Moderator Opare Kwakye expressed his joy at the achievements of PRESEC. He indicated that their victory in the Sharks competition for the third time is a source of pride for the entire Presbyterian community. “We believe in nurturing talents therefore, to the entire staff we appreciate your hard work and victories.”

The ceremony concluded with a resounding applause from GAC, celebrating not only the students’ success but also the strong bond between the Presbyterian Church of Ghana and its educational institutions.

This victory is not just an addition to the illustrious history of Presbyterian Boys’ Senior High School but also inspires future generations to strive for excellence. Congratulations to PRESEC and all those who contributed to this outstanding achievement.


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