Christians should take bold steps against ill societal behaviours – Prof. Adei.

Accra, Nov.14, GNA – Professor Stephen Adei, the Chairman of the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC), Thursday advised Christians to boldly condemn societal wrongs such as corruption, gay and lesbian relationships, ‘galamsey’ and discrimination to give the nation a solid foundation.
He asked them to focus on the cultural dimension of the nation, with its norms and values, to promote national development, saying that defines who they truly are.
Prof. Adei gave the advice at a Public Lecture organised by the Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG) in Accra, on the theme: “The Christian and Nation Building: Demands and Blessings.”
He said leadership could play a pivotal role in nation building if it helped to achieve political maturity among political actors and the entire citizenry.
Prof. Adei entreated Christians to pray for the nation’s leaders to seek the prosperity and welfare of the land, adding: “It is also desired that you commit yourselves to whatever you do with diligence.”
“Whatever works you do, do it as if you are doing it for God and the nation will excel.”
Professor Clara Korkor Fayorsey, the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Central University, said a nation reflected the character of her people and, therefore, advised Christians to desist from the spirit of materialism, where everyone wanted to be rich overnight.
She also asked them to give up attitudes of moral degeneration, lawlessness, insecurity and land pollution.
She expressed worry over how corruption had engulfed law enforcement agencies, coupled with injustices to the poor and unfair distribution of resources.
Prof. Fayorsey said Christians were embracing wrong social norms as some ministers of the Gospel now preached miracles and how to use supernatural powers to become rich quick instead of preaching salvation.
She noted that some also belonged to secret societies but mentioned the name of Jesus in “miracle services”, an act that was inappropriate and tampered with the good image of Christianity.
“Our children are getting lost with immoral practices and the love for money but we look unconcerned. How can we build the nation with this attitude?” she asked.
She called on religious bodies to show more concern towards the moral and spiritual lives of their members, adding that they should not allow technocrats to completely manage their schools as that would derail the Christian values and morals inculcated in the students.
On issues of poor sanitation, Prof. Fayorsey called for the implementation of a national campaign against indiscriminate littering and urged religious leaders to play active roles in the sensitisation process.
Right Reverend J.O.Y Mante, the Moderator of the PCG, advised Christians to be true to themselves and their faith by practicing what was true and morally upright.
“Somebody can fast and pray or preach for people to be touched, and take a bag of money to go and bribe right after that,” he said.
He said an obvious truth was the existence of corruption in churches, and encouraged Christians to ‘sit up’ and condemn the association of immorality to the Religion by some few unscrupulous people.

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