Appreciate the Curative Power of Medicine as much as Faith Healing.


The Moderator, Rt. Rev. Prof. Joseph O. Y. Mante, and Rev. Dr. Godwin N. N. Odonkor, Clerk of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, with other dignitaries, officiated the dedication of the Presbyterian Hospital in Kom Aburi. The upgrading of the facility commenced in 2019 when the Moderator and the Minister of Health, Hon. Kwaku Agyeman Manu, did the sod cutting.


Having been in operation since 1884, the Presbyterian Hospital in Kom Aburi stands as the oldest mission health facility in Ghana and quite possibly the oldest hospital overall. Recounting the history, the Moderator indicated that Dr. Rudolf Fisch was sent by the then Basel Mission to construct a medical facility to support mission work. However, its services were extended to the natives of the then, Gold Coast. The eight-bed hospital initiated by Dr. Fisch included male and female wards, a dispensary, and a theatre where the first ever recorded surgical operation in Gold Coast took place, with an attached sanatorium.


Divine Healing

The Moderator mentioned that this would be his last dedication in his capacity as the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana. The Moderator, JOY Mante, hands over office on the first day of December this year. He emphasized that it is high time for Ministers of the Gospel, gifted with the grace of healing, to also recognize that God has provided the scientific method for the healing process. He stated, “I believe that when you pray for one person to be healed, it is an exercise of faith, but God has also given us modern medical care that can help many more people to be healed. As you pray for people to get well, help them also to appreciate the curative power of medicines.”

The Presbyterian Church of Ghana is currently the third-highest health provider in the country. The Church exhibits the example of Jesus Christ in preaching, teaching, and healing. We focus on building our churches, establishing schools and health facilities, as well as other developmental works to depict Christ in our societies, the Moderator intimated. He urged the management to uphold a culture of excellence in maintaining the beautiful facility.


In an address, the Minister of Health, Hon. Kwaku Agyeman-Manu, who also serves as the Member of Parliament for Dormaa East, mentioned that the government was making every effort to meet the health needs of citizens. He disclosed that four hospitals, including the Presbyterian Hospital in Kom Aburi, had been completed in the Eastern Region and would be dedicated in due course. He reiterated the government’s commitment to employing advanced methods in healthcare provision, including the creation of medical hubs to facilitate the implementation of telemedicine—the use of electronic information and communications technologies to provide and support healthcare when distance separates the participants.

Project Funding

A representative of the Italian ambassador to Ghana, in a brief comment, acknowledged the completion of the facility as a significant step in strengthening the relationship between Ghana and Italy. The project was funded with a loan from Italian banks, and the contractor was an Italian company.

The Aburihene, Otoobuor Djan Kwasi II, who chaired the function, expressed gratitude to the Presbyterian Church of Ghana and the government for the facility. He pledged to do everything possible to oversee the maintenance of the facility in excellent condition.


The function was graced by Rev. Ebenezer Acheampong Asiedu, Akuapem Presbytery Chairperson, Rev. David Aboagye Danquah, Asante Akyem Presbytery Chairperson, and the Board Chairperson of the Asante Akyem Area Health Services. The executive director of the Christian Health Association of Ghana (CHAG), Dr. Peter Yeboah, Director of Development and Social Service, Mrs. Teiko Sabah, PCG Health Coordinator, Mr. Sam S. Appiah, and Rev. Ezekiel Amadu Daribi, the Asante Akyem Area Health Manager responsible for overseeing the Hospital. Also, Heads of Health Institutions in the Eastern Region, Akuapem North and Akuapem South Municipalities, Heads of Governmental Institutions, and citizens of Aburi graced the occasion. The Aburi District of the PCG was also well represented.


Rev. Ebenezer Ahenkan Owusu
(Public Relation Unit, Head Office)
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