PCG Extends More Support to Mepe and nearby Communities…


In the heart of Ghana, the Akosombo Dam stands as a monumental source of power and pride. But in October 2023, the communities living in its shadow faced a devastating crisis. The Akosombo Dam’s spillage led to severe flooding, displacing families and disrupting livelihood. Amidst the rising waters and despair, a beacon of hope emerged.


The Presbyterian Church of Ghana, with unwavering commitment, stepped in to provide much-needed relief to the affected communities within the North and Central Tongu districts including, Mepe, Battor, Sogakope, Mafi, Adidome and Ada

The Presbyterian Church of Ghana, guided by their faith, love, and compassion, mobilized swiftly to aid the flood victims. They quickly opened their school blocks and chapel to be a safe haven for the severely hit families at PCG Mepe Congregation. The Furer/Doku Memorial at Mepe, the Mission House, and the entire premises housed hundreds of community members. The PCG’s support was more than a kind gesture, it was a lifeline of hope.

Essential items such as food, clothing, mattresses, Tin fish, rice, and Salem Water were distributed, ensuring immediate relief to those in need. Hot meals were also served to the displaced families for three continuous days, providing not just nourishment, but comfort during those trying times.

The PCG’s generosity extended beyond physical aid. Recognizing the financial strain on the affected households, the Presbyterian Relief Services and Development (PRESED) under Mrs. Rebecca Teiko Sarbah, Director of the Development and Social Services department, made cash donations to 1,000 affected families. Each of the registered families received an amount of GH₵1,100. The total cash donation amounted to GH₵1.1 million. This was made possible through the benevolence of Act Alliance, a global coalition of churches and faith-based organizations working together in humanitarian assistance and advocacy. The department also gave out maize seeds and fertilizers to the farmers to aid them bounce back.

As the water receded to ease the stress on the affected communities to resettle and have their lives back, education, a cornerstone of the future, was not overlooked. Over 260 pupils of the Mepe Presbyterian Basic School received new school uniforms and customized exercise books allowing them to return to their studies with dignity and pride.

Pupils displaying their received uniforms and books

The General Manager of Presbyterian Schools, Mr. Daniel Yeboah Hienno said, there should be a safe environment for students to learn hence the donation. He mentioned that every year, PCG identifies some areas and supports citing Nsabaa Presec, Legon Presec, and Aburi Girls among others, which the church has already supported.

The Presbyterian Church of Ghana’s support went beyond material assistance. Regular visits to the affected communities brought spiritual nourishment and hope. Presbyterian Ministers and church members regularly shared the word of God, prayed with families, and offered spiritual, moral, and psychological support, reinforcing faith in Christ Jesus during these challenging times. The District Minister of Mepe indicated that this has strengthened and brought a lot of people to faith in Christ.



The Presbyterian Church of Ghana as part of the resettlement plan for the flood victims opened “Jesus’ Shop” to the entire community members. This is a well-stocked shop of clothing, shoes, belts, bags, etc. One is allowed to take any item(s) that best fit them at no cost, I mean for free. This gesture was not opened to only Presbyterians but to the entire Mepe community.

Indeed, in the midst of oppression comes opportunities. The National Director of Missions and Evangelism, Rev. Dr. Emmanuel K. Sabah indicated that PCG’s swift move to support and evangelize the community has yielded fruit for Christ’s Kingdom. He indicated, a full-day evangelism swoop through Mepe and the neighboring communities, about 160 people gave their lives to Christ. He is hopeful that PCG will be planting another Congregation in the community.

Rev. Abraham Okai Djaba, Chairperson for Dangme Tongu Presbytery, recounted the much support the Presbyterian Church of Ghana has released to the affected communities and applauded the leadership. He made mention of the contribution of all the 21 Presbyteries of PCG both in Ghana and outside and was full of praise, especially for the health screening and additional money donations. He mentioned that the North American/Australian Presbytery among other things sent two motorbikes for visitations and evangelism.

He touched on the essence of the donation and called on the government to help bring life into normalcy for the victims. He backed calls for complete resettlement of the flood victims calling on the government of Ghana to make it a priority.

This is not just a story of aid; it is a story of hope, resilience, and the unbreakable spirit of togetherness that our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ commands.


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