PCG signs Boys’ Brigade Ghana Founders’ Agreement.

Rev. Dr. G. N. N. Odonkor, Clerk of GA signing the document

The Boys’ Brigade was first established in Glasgow, Scotland, by Sir Williams Alexander Smith. As a children’s service teacher, he sought to inculcate military discipline in the Bible class.

The Boys’ Brigade is a combination of Bible and discipline: religious instruction at Bible class and discipline at the company parade. The objective of the Boys’ Brigade is to make boys into Christian men and to bring boys into the active fellowship of the Christian church.

Boys’ Brigade, Ghana

The Boys’ Brigade was founded in Ghana in 1911 and had its first Council Meeting in 1956 under the cooperative agreement of five (5) denominations;
1. Presbyterian Church of Ghana
2. Methodist Church Ghana
3. AME Zion Ghana
4. Anglican Church Ghana
5. Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana

Moderator signing on behalf of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana

Founder’s Agreement

The Brigade in Ghana, which has been around for more than a century, has no record of the collaboration of its founding members. It has now become necessary for the Brigade, in consultation with the lawyers, to sign the founders’ agreement document.

The Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Rt. Rev. Prof. JOY Mante signed the document, and the Clerk of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Rev. Dr. Nii Noi Odonkor witnessed it.

The President of the Boys’ Brigade Ghana, Lawyer Moses Foh Amoaning, accompanied by the Executive Secretary, Rev. David Nmlotey Agbloe explained that the Brigade has always been an ecumenical body since its inception. Presently, apart from the founding denominations, other prominent denominations in the country are joining as affiliate members.

The document being signed is to give recognition to the founding denominations in the history of the Boys’ Brigade Ghana.


Rev. Ebenezer Ahenkan Owusu

(Head, Public Relations Unit)

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